Friday, June 15, 2007


Today is going to be one of my most memorable days in life. Three day long "Bhumya Puja" or "Bal Puja" (worshipping the Earth) of Rukum-Rolpa Magar community has started so 4 top-maoists leaders from Magar community- Badal, Suresh Ale Magar, Ananta and Pasang were there. It was my first time that I had meet Badal and had a small chat...well, it was something, a feeling of joy! It was great!! :)
But what took me by total surprise is when they started dancing "Bal Dance"! I couldn't believe it with my eyes. I was even more surprised when they were dancing as if it was their comfortable with dancing! Well may be it is because when I think of dancing I have cold sweat!
Okey, now enough of my chit-chat, let me introduce our dancers! On the topmost; he is our Member of Parliament Mr. Santosh Budha Magar. Then on right side there are Pasang, Journalist Ujir Magar and Magar Youth Leader Jhakendra Gharti and on left side there are Suresh Ale and Pasang . Then further down on right side there is our Badal...enjoying! and on left side Suresh Ale in dance-action! Now the last one is...when they got tired they took short break before they started dancing again! They are Badal, Ananta, Suresh Ale and Jhakendra. They look just Magar with "pheta" on their head, all "not so tall", all with that mongolian nose...short and small, small eyes and of course look at them...all look so healthy; makes us know that Goddess Demeter loves them!
My fevourites were Suresh Ale and Santosh Budha. They were just great!! Should not be missed if you want something memorable in your life. I can guarantee that!!!