Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good morning Kathmandu! ^_^

Something happened!
I woke up and decided to go for jugging.
Now, this might seem a very normal ‘thing to do’ for many. But, it was a shocking news for some who know me better. Of course, I am including myself in that group.
I tell you why? Since my school days I have always ‘planned’ (I quote ‘planned’ again because it was never executed) to go on fitness walk. First the idea struck when I was putting on flab after flab and my big brother and sister in law noticed it. When they saw the health disaster I could have, brother wanted me to go for run. But, sister in law pointed out his own body enjoying some ‘one pack abs’. So, the hunt for good judging clothes started. Within few weeks we got everything prepared: from perfect shoes to matching jugging dress, caps and water bottles. The problem was we just forgot to wake up in the morning and the idea just hung there like an old clothe in my hanger.
The perfect running clothes never saw the morning glory.
Then came my college days! After continues demands from my middle elder brother studying abroad that I sent my recently clicked pictures. I did not get chance to even think that he might have gotten my email, I got the reply. There was one quote I had found in dictionary nicely tugged by one of my brothers, once. It said, ‘If you can not do dieting, at least don’t die eating!’ The emails’ meaning was more or less similar. Of course I didn’t mind, I laughed instead as remembered once before leaving for studies he had asked, “Do you live to eat or eat to live?”
Of course, he had said jokingly!
But my brother’s email made me think about taking care of my body, seriously! So, after my college I went for some jugging clothes. I bought the cheapest one I could find. That night I did not sleep. It was not due to the excitement! I was just worried I will not wake up. So, when the morning crow started making noise outside my window I left home for my real jugging.
It was not easy one, I tell you.
I ran from here to there for 2 minutes and then stopped for 4 minutes...and the laborious procedure continued. I came back home in Lalitpur Yatayat bus. Whole day I was hungry and sleepy. That night I could not stay awake and next morning I could not wake up. I couldn’t continue my plan next morning. However, the whole weeks muscle aches did remind me of my painful plan.
Next trial on this thing called jugging happened when didi Jen was in Nepal. Her beautifully maintained body made me notice my shabby one. So, I asked her to take me along on her morning walk. She was more than happy until she saw me struggle to breath within 5 minutes of walking. Though I didn’t use Lalitpur Yatayat this time, I did have whole weeks of muscle ache and the idea of having well toned body remained distant dream.
Let’s not talk about my university life and work in detail. But still, after starting my journalism practice, I took pride in sleeping late and waking up late. When I reached home from work at midnight my neighbours would be in deep sleep. When I woke up in mid day they would have already left for work. This routine made my neighbours believe I no more lived in my apartment so much that when our path had crossed once, one of the neighbours asked, “It’s been so long...where are you living now? Or, were you out of town?”
I am telling you, I have had enough of this all. I felt unhealthy and non social. The unhealthy thing did make me lose some pounds but losing the weight by being ill has its disadvantages. There is no glow in your body, it looks sick!
So, in the name of health, on 19th March, I went for jugging. It was totally unprepared and sudden decision so in old quarter pant jeans, I stepped out of house.
In my fifteen years of staying here, I regretted not coming out to see how the Kathmandu looks in the morning for the first time.
At 5 in the morning, the capital city is fresh! Where’s the pollution, the crowd, the annoying numbers of vehicles and hustle-bustle of city-life that engulfs it during daytime? Makes me wonder every morning!
It’s so peaceful and beautiful. The daily life is just about to start. The small food vendors making sweets, soups and breads, road-sweepers collecting trash, paper boys on bicycle distributing newspapers, small van dropping off packets of milks to the sellers, some juggers just like me on the road. Birds chirping, fresh air blowing, the sun rising! No matter where you look at it from, the sunrise holds the charm that is far gone during day time. When it’s about to rise its pink, then gets orange and then yellow, its breath-taking!
When I reach the park, it’s interesting to see every type of people at one place. They are of every age group and every walk of life. Everyone is busy sweating. It could be just walk, run or jug...yoga, karate, b-boying or boxing...everyone is exercising.
And for me, its still walk more than jug but, it’s going to be one month soon and I am enjoying the beauty Kathmandu and Kathmanduties hold in the morning. It’s healthy and relaxing! I am breaking my own records in the history of jugging, I am surprising myself! Let’s see for how long...but I would love to make it a habit!