Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Part - One

When you called for me, I wanted to hold myself back. Walk very slowly towards you.
Let you wait and wait!
Then reach to 'our park' after you had alredy left!
As the cold shoulder you gave still hunts me!!
But I forget! And I find myself running to you. In that cold, chilly morning, I ran to you like I was saving myself from breaking apart.
I ran and ran!
You were there. Standing by the pole. You saw me running to you : Confused and out of breath!
You smile at my eagerness. You smile at my undying connection to you. You smile at me!
I stop. I stare at you! I wish to resist the pull. I want to run away as far as possible. As fast as I can.
Save myself from the guilt. Save myself from the hurt. Save myself from hurting others. But, I find myself running to you again. Smiling! Laughing! and Screaming as if my heart is about to explode with happiness.
Tears start rolling!
You open your arms to me.
I find myself in your arms again. After all these years, I am Sharing your warmth and Sharing your breath, again!
==================== ============= =================
When I see you, I lose my way. I question my morality.
You make me forget things I shouldn't, ever!
Yet, I forget and run to you. Like you are the thread of my life and I am hanging on it, always!
I must be crazy!
If not, then I must really be going crazy!!!